Bunkhouse Boys play Cajun waltzes and two-steps, with rhythms evoking the early days of S.W. Louisiana Cajun music.

This compact group takes their music back to the basics, close to its Creole and Cajun roots. The Bunkhouse Boys’ Creole-inspired rhythms keep dancers coming back for more. Their latest recording T’it Oiseau has been getting air time on KRVS Louisiana Public Radio! Their repertoire continues to expand with tunes you won’t hear anywhere else.

Bunkhouse Boys play Cajun and Creole music. Cover of 'Tit Oiseau'

Bunkhouse Boys ‘Tit Oiseau is available at store.cdbaby.com

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Sunday, Feb. 9 • Keegan Ales • Kingston

Cajun & Creole Dance with Bunkhouse Boys – a Sunday afternoon of relaxed socializing and dancing at Keegan Ales. Perfect size wood dance floor. Tasty bar food and great drinks in the adjoining bar area. All the ingredients for a good time. Bunkhouse Boys in the house!

Sunday, Feb. 9
Dance Lesson: 2:30pm
Band plays 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Come early if you want a Cajun dance lesson – 2:30
No partner needed.
Suggested donation: $10

Keegan Ales

20 James St., Kingston, NY 12401 » Google Directions